So you are driving along and the car inform throws up a stone which results in a chipped windscreen…

It’s no one’s fault but annoying all the same. Cracks and Chips are a fact of driving life and with Winter fast approaching it is important to get these fixed before the cold weather causes more expensive damage.

Chipped Windscreens get worse during the winter

Water can get into a cracked windscreen at any time. But it’s when the temperature drops and that water freezes, further damage can be caused.

I don’t need to explain that when water freezes, it expands. And it’s this forced expansion within a chipped windscreen that cause the chip to grow into a crack and cause further damage,

So what started out as a potentially small chip has now grown into a full blow crack that has spread across the windscreen. This means if the crack has spread it will probably results in a replacement windscreen.

What is important to remember is that a modern windscreen accounts for up to one third of the structural integrity of your car. So if you have a cracked windscreen then the overall strength of the car is compromised.

Stone Chips

  • Many chips can be fixed, leaving your windscreen as good as new. And if you fix a windscreen before it gets worse you can save money.
  • Depending on your insurance repair work is usually free and not affect your no-claims discount (speak to your insurer to confirm).
  • Chips larger than a 40mm cannot usually be fixed.
  • If the chip obscures the drivers view it, your car will fail it’s MOT.

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