Did you know that it is illegal to splash a pedestrian?

Whilst the child in us all wants to drive through a big puddle and create the biggest splash ever, there are actual consequences to dousing a pedestrian.

Temptation is a terrible thing. Picture the scene, it’s been raining, in front of you is a big puddle – the biggest puddle.

Your foot is hovering over the brake to slow down and manoeuvre round the standing water. But the child’s voice inside your head is sayings – do it. Create the biggest splash in the world.

Okay, I’m exaggerating…a little. But there can be real consequences to driving through a puddle and the after-wash hitting a pedestrian.

Police can prosecute you for “Driving without reasonable consideration” under section 3 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 when other persons are inconvenienced by the manner of the defendants driving.

In a poll by webuyanycar.com nearly 800 out of 2000 motorist said, they laughed when someone got soaked, and 320 people admitted to purposefully drenching someone. Nice – I wonder if they were all Audi drivers.

Not so funny now

If you are caught dousing a passerby the punishment can be quite severe.

  • Possible maximum level 5 fine – upto £5,000
  • Penalty Points endorsed on your license of between 3 and 9
  • Possible disqualification for a fixed period

And it doesn’t stop there. Points on your license means it will affect your insurance and if you need a car for work – well you get the idea.

Real-Life example

Back in January 2014, a family got soaked by a twenty something driver when he splashed through a puddle.  He was ordered to pay £500 and lost his license.  He also incurred court costs and a victim surcharge.  Read more at the Telegraph.


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