NEW PowerCure technology offers record-breaking curing time for windscreens

Autoglaze Ltd is pleased to offer express turnaround on commercial windscreen replacements, thanks to record-breaking performance of Sika’s new PowerCure technology…

Sika have developed the innovative PowerCure windscreen bonding system which uses high performance polyurethane adhesive engineered for accelerated curing, resulting in a shorter waiting time to reach safety requirements.

Unlike traditional windscreen adhesives, which limit the vehicle use for several hours until fully cured, the super-quick curing system developed by Sika enables us to meet all OEM requirements so that the vehicle is fully operational, without any limitation to its use, in just 60 minutes after installation!

Fully cured to OEM level in just 60 minutes
Yes, fully cured in a record time of 60 minutes! Sika’s PowerCure adhesive is so powerful, it cures to OEM standards in record-breaking time , allowing a vehicle to be lifted by its windscreen in as little as 60 minutes.

High speed performance in any climate
Sika’s PowerCure adhesive allows for a safe drive-away time of just 30 minutes after installation, regardless of the climate.

Thatcham Quality Assured
Sika’s PowerCure technology has recently been certified as a Thatcham Quality Assured windscreen bonding system by the experts in safety, security and crash repair.

Tested and proven for reliability and durability, PowerCure windscreen adhesive is ideal for public service vehicles, lorries, fleets and rental cars as it vastly reduces downtime with no limitations in using the vehicle after just 60 minutes. The combination of shortest safe drive-away time and fastest curing is the ideal solution for getting vehicles back on the road without compromising safety and quality.

As part of Autoglaze’s commitment to delivering a quality product and service, our technicians are all licensed and certified by Sika to use the PowerCure bonding system.


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