8th November 2017

The Best Way To Defrost Your Windscreen

Now the weather is getting colder, we are starting to see frost and ice in the mornings - it's good to know the best way to properly defrost your car windscreen so you can drive as safely as possible and make sure you're not breaking the law.

Everyone hates to have to scrape off the ice in the freezing cold first thing in the morning before heading off to work, but it's extremely important to properly clear the ice from your car before setting off. If you drive your car with ice covering your windscreen, you could be endangering yourself and others – as well as breaking the law.

The Law

The Highway Code states that "windows and windscreens MUST be kept clean and free of obstructions to vision". This is particularly relevant during the winter months – you must clear the ice (or snow) from all of your windows before driving. This also applies to condensation that forms inside the car.

You should also pay attention to other parts of the car. The Highway Code states that "lights, indicators, reflectors and number plates MUST be kept clear". Snow and ice could obscure your lights, so clear those too.

It is an important safety check, as well as a legal requirement, that could make the difference between a safe journey and a dangerous accident. Allow yourself a 10 minute head-start in the morning to clear your car of ice.

Frosty Windscreen


Don't take any chances, make sure you allow an extra 10 minutes to defrost your windscreen properly before setting off

Follow these quick tips:

  • DO scrape off frost or snow with an ice scraper (or a plastic card will work if you don't have a scraper).
  • DO use a de-icer spray to quickly melt any ice on your windows. If you don't have any de-icer then try a salt water solution or luke warm water instead. DON'T use hot water as it may cause your windscreen to crack!
  • DO use air conditioning for faster demisting and to reduce condensation on cold windows.
  • DO use a higher concentration of screenwash, a 50% mix of a good quality screen wash will reduce the chance of freezing in frosty weather. DON'T use ordinary engine antifreeze as it will damage paintwork!
  • DON'T leave your car unattended with the engine running, you could find yourself in trouble with the police. Worse still, you could find it stolen – leaving a car with the key in the ignition and the engine running makes it very tempting to thieves. You may find that your insurance company won't cover you if you leave the keys in the ignition and the doors unlocked, too.

Prevention is better than cure

To save you even more time and hassle, prevent frost and ice building up in the first place. Place a piece of cardboard across your windscreen, or cover it with an old towel or tarpaulin, in the evening before any moisture or ice has formed. This will shield the windscreen from overnight frost, and in the morning you should have a frost-free window.


Cracked Windscreen?

If this advice comes a little too late for you and you find yourself staring at a cracked windscreen, we’re only a phone call away. Contact us today on 0800 028 4484 to discuss your options and get a quote to repair your cracked windscreen. We’ll get you back on the road and on the way in no time.