Skin Cancer is the most common cancer in the UK and is rising to epidemic proportions, killing over 2,500 people every year in the UK

You probably don’t think about the sun damage that can be coming through your windows while driving… But did you know that 74% of all non-melanoma skin cancer cases are found on the driver’s side of the body?

Many people are unaware of the dangers of skin damage while driving in the sunshine and don’t realise they are at risk even if the windows are closed.

Many people mistakenly believe that privacy glass will protect them from the sun’s harmful rays, however that is not entirely the case. Whilst privacy auto glass effectively blocks UVB rays, the type that cause sunburn, it doesn’t block all the harmful UVA which are present during daylight hours every day, even when cloudy – this is the reason why 74% of all non- melanoma skin cancer cases are found on the driver’s side of the body!

Sunlight streaming through your car windows can be beautiful, but it can also be dangerous

Deep-penetrating Ultraviolet A (UVA) rays from the sun pass through ordinary glass and account for 90 percent of the sun’s most damaging rays. The average side-window of a vehicle may only block about 70% of dangerous UV rays. By blocking up to 99 percent of UV rays from passing through your unprotected windows, professionally installed window film can help keep your skin and eyes healthier and more protected than window glass alone.

How can we avoid sun exposure in the car?

Most of us fully understand that we need to protect our skin when sunbathing (or to not sunbathe at all). We avoid sun beds, we stay out of the midday sun, we wear hats and long sleeves and we slap on sunscreen whenever we head outdoors. But do we think that sitting in our car is as dangerous as the outdoor sun? Probably not.

Of course, the advice is the same as is offered for all sun exposure:

  • Don’t underestimate the effect of the sun coming in your car windows and hitting your skin
  • Wear sunscreen at all times when outdoors – even if you are inside your car
  • Wear hats and long sleeves in your car to shade the sunlight from your skin
  • Remember to think about your children in the backseat. Use shades for the windows to keep them safe too
  • If you have any type of unusual mole on your skin – get it checked. Better safe than sorry!

It might be something you haven’t really considered before – but skin cancer can come from all sources of sunlight – even through glass. Both direct and indirect UV rays damage the skin and can lead to skin cancer and signs of aging.

Limiting sun exposure is the most important measure you can take in preventing skin cancer.

Professionally installed window film offers a high-tech and cost-effective way to help protect both skin and eyes by limiting harmful UV rays whether on the road, at home or work…


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