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Budget Windscreens: Secondhand Windscreens

With rising costs of just about anything nowadays choosing a secondhand windscreen is one way to stretch your budgets further. We are car glass suppliers who reclaim side and rear car glass from end of life vehicles, as well as some secondhand windscreens for most popular makes and models.

Cheap Windscreen Replacement

All secondhand windscreen glass that we supply still comes with a warranty and is guaranteed to meet any vehicle test or MOT requirements - it's probably the best way to get cheap windscreens.

Being an ISO 14001 certified company we are happy that second hand windscreens offer a much more environmentally responsible alternative, with no new environmental costs associated with the production of new glass and also no costs from disposal of the glass that may have been destined for landfill.

cheap windscreen replacement

Cheap Windscreens! Save money with secondhand glass

If you're looking for a cheap windscreen replacement, see if we have the second hand windscreen you require and find out how much you could save, submit your details for a quote. Even if we can’t locate a used glass for you we will happily provide a quotation for replacement with new glass, and you never know, it might be less than you think!

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Spoke to these guys after our insurance preferred glazing company told us they wouldn't be able to have a screen for 2 weeks. Autoglaze were able to do it the following morning and the job was done in an hour or so. Polite, efficient and kept us informed all the way

Glen Lockyer