Windscreen Chip Repair

We will always first try to repair your windscreen before replacing it with a new one, however sometimes the type, size and position of the damage will mean that a windscreen chip repair is not possible and you will need a windscreen replacement instead.

Is there a maximum size for a windscreen chip repair?

We will always attempt to repair your chipped windscreen, but this depends on the size of the damage and the position of the damage to the windscreen as to whether a stone chip repair can be carried out or if a replacement windscreen is required.

Typically if all of the damage caused by the stone chip can be covered by a 20p coin then the windscreen can be repaired.

However, there are further factors to consider other than the size of the chip – If the stone chip is within 1.5 inches of the edge of the windscreen a repair cannot be carried out because this part of the windscreen is too weak…

Windscreen Chip Repair: How much does it cost?

Some motor insurance policies offer free windscreen chip repair but if you don’t have windscreen repair cover on your policy, a stone chip repair costs as little as £40 + VAT so get your windscreen repaired before it turns in to costly replacement.

Use our quick windscreen check to see if your windscreen chip can be repaired.

Frequently asked questions

Your windscreen plays an integral part in the overall strength of your car. Knowing what to do in the event of it getting chipped or cracked could not only reduce the chance of an accident, but also save you money.

When is a crack or chip repairable?

We will always attempt to repair your windscreen, but this depends on the size of the damage and where it is situated.

Damage up to 40mm across can usually be repaired, as long as it’s not in the driver’s view  an area called the ‘A zone.’ Here, only damage up to 10mm can be repaired effectively.

My windscreen has just cracked. What do I do?

First of all, don’t panic. In the majority of cases most cars are still OK to drive but it’s important to get it looked at as soon as possible to avoid further damage or costs.

Are windscreen replacements guaranteed?

Yes, all our windscreen replacements come with a lifetime guarantee. We only use OE standard glass, and all of our work is done to BS-AU242A standard.

How do I claim for a repair or replacement on my insurance?

Once we’ve got your details, we’ll contact your insurance company on your behalf.

Will a claim for a repair or replacement affect my no claims bonus?

No, most insurers will allow you to claim for repairs or replacement glass without it affecting your no claims bonus, although some insurers may ask for a small excess on repairs.

If a windscreen replacement is required, most insurers will apply a policy excess.

Can I pay cash instead of going through my insurance company?

Yes, we accept credit card and debit card payments